100 People. 100 Photos. 100 Stories

About 100 Strangers

As the names suggests, this is a project that I have taken up to shoot portraits of 100 Strangers. Initially conceptualized by Teppo , 100 Strangers Project is sure a great way to start with portraits. Changing the rules a bit, I will be posting photos of strangers from my past travels as well where I have explicitly asked the subject if I could take a photograph. More than just portraits of strangers on the streets of Bangalore,  you will see faces from the remote corners of India.

What is so much fun about this and what is the big deal you may ask.
You might also be tempted to say this – ‘Go to any crowded street and you’ll find a 1000 opportunities to capture your 100 strangers.’

But the point is, we don’t want just portraits. We want a story with it. Be it about the person or the encounter or the event that led me to take the shot. But a story has to be there and there has to be some interaction. And also the point is I am a Landscape Photographer. I have to say these words by Lord Byron suit my thought completely – ‘I love not the man less but nature more.’

Bottom line – I am not good with portraits and very very very hesitant when it comes to asking or taking people shots.
So with this project I intend to tackle that hesitation. I cannot think of a different composition than putting the person in the center of the frame as of now. You will see that the initial few photographs will be of similar composition. I am hoping I will get creative and things will look better after a few portraits.

I am an avid traveler with itchy feet that constantly keep me on the move. So you can expect portraits of people that I encounter during my travels all over India. 🙂
Let’s see how far this takes me.  Do come back again!