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About the Photographer

My name is Neelima and I am a major travel freak!

My interest in travel started from a childhood spent close to nature and a desire to explore the unexplored. My prime interest lies in the beautiful and varied landscapes of this world.  So I started traveling. I have traveled to the norther frontier of our country five times now and have immensely enjoyed being in Himalayas. I have trekked extensively in Western Ghats and Eastern Ghats. I have spent some quality time in the lesser known areas of the country like the forests of Goa, Chattisgarh and the exploration still continues.

So what can you make out of all this? I am a Landscape Photographer.  I love capturing the beauty of nature.

But somehow all this travel has led to meeting amazing people from different corners of the sub-continent. At times I do feel like if I could capture their story, it would be amazing.  But I never was a portrait photographer. If taking a photo is a challenge, going to them and asking if it is okay is altogether in a different league of problems, a higher one. And I cannot get myself to shoot without the subject’s consent. I feel very restless and apprehensive while doing so which would inevitably spoil the photo.

So when I read about this project on net, I thought this would definitely help me get over that hesitation. I still would be a landscape photographer primarily but when I meet an interesting person I shouldn’t regret a missed photo opportunity. And that’s the story of this blog.

You can find my work here :

My Travel and Photography Blog – http://ponderingmusings.blogspot.com

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