100 People. 100 Photos. 100 Stories

Stranger #18 – The man who owns a Vineyard

The Stranger:

Man in the Vineyard

The Story:

One fine Saturday, a group of us went cycling away from the city. Far away in the outskirts, we rode on beautiful country roads with trees lined on either side.

All was normal until one of us spotted the vineyards and thought it will be a good idea to take the bikes inside. Another possible agenda was to try and get some fresh grapes. But getting inside the vineyards with the bikes was of higher priority! Luckily for us, the man didn’t think it was a crazy idea and he let us in. I think he was curious about us as well, with our flashy imported mountain bikes. He couldn’t understand for the life of him why we wanted to ride 100kms on a cycle for nothing, even more so when motorized transport was comfortably available. We could have tried explaining but that would’ve made us sound only more crazy, we know this from experience. Instead we’d just smile in a way that confirms their suspicion that we are crazy.

But the madness hadn’t reached its pinnacle yet! What could be more funny than a group of well educated adults all gung ho about getting a picture of the bikes in the vineyard? The man was strangely accommodating about all of it, he even offered us some delicious grapes. It was only now that I shifted my concentration to him. He had a very friendly demeanor. He spoke with much enthusiasm about his son, the two buffaloes with funny names that I now don’t remember.

Then I asked him if to look into the camera and he did. Click!

Meet Anjaneyappa.
He owns a vineyard in the outskirts of Bangalore.

P.S : Did you say you need proof for the entire bike story? Here it is!


2 responses

  1. lovely click, Neelima! with the grapes in the background! would love to see the bike pic too 😀

    November 28, 2012 at 6:52 pm

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