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Strangers # 15 & #16 – The Lady who wouldn’t take no for an answer!

The Stranger:

The Story:

She forcefully pushed aside my friend’s hand when she tried to stop her. This woman was having her way and we were sitting there grinning helplessly. Earlier, her husband offered us hot black coffee. Later they invited us for breakfast, at 7 in the morning.

It was a small house with two rooms and the earthy look made me feel completely at home. The morning sun was lighting up the room in the quaint corner where they sat.

She was serving us delicious idlis, at her home, just because we were guests in the village. Not one, but four gluttons like me! We wanted to say no, we tried putting our hands above the banana leaf so she wouldn’t serve more and empty her dishes. But she wouldn’t let us and we couldn’t resist. We had the idlis to our heart’s content and the family was more than happy to serve their guests without any expectation. She was a very pretty woman, I think anyone with a genuine smile looks extremely pretty. So was the case with her and her shy daughter held onto her observing us as the mother sat in front.

Meet Kamakshi and Kasturi, her daughter with brown eyes!
They are from the extremely hospitable village near Kodaikanal.