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Stranger #10 – The man who came from Nepal

The Stranger:

The man from Nepal

The Story:

The lines on his face caught my fancy. I went to him and he smiled again.
He is a rather frail looking man with a cheerful disposition.  He was smiling constantly. I wanted to ask more about him but this was a classic case of communication problem. He spoke Nepali and I none. But lucky for me, our guide Iksha spoke his language.

His son is working as a Security Manager at one of the resorts around Ooty. 5 months ago, his son brought him from Nepal so that he could make some extra money too. I asked him if he lived in the mountains in Nepal. He said yes. I asked him how are the mountains here, he said they are quite small.  He misses his wife and home but what can he do, he asks rhetorically. He intends to make some money and go back home in less than a year or two.

Meet Muniveer, he is from Nepal but he currently resides around Ooty, India.
That’s Avalanche Lake behind him.


Stranger #09 – The stranger whom I met twice.

The Stranger :

The Story :

I walked in to the thatched hut and smiled at him. I saw a hint of smile and recognition in his eyes before his face went blank again. His wife came to me and I smiled at her too. She asked me if I was well. I told yes and asked her to make dosas for me and my family.

Curiosity gets the better of many, he got up and walked upto us. I couldn’t speak his language much but my driver could. I asked the driver to explain it to the man standing next to me that I am the same girl who came a month ago in pouring rain to have these very same delicious egg dosas.

There, that glint was back.

He can’t see very clearly. Him and his wife run this small hotel in a village called Mannavanur near Kodaikanal , Tamilnadu. If you ever go there, look for him and eat the egg dosas his wife makes. Last month, it was pouring like crazy. Two friends and I landed at this place in the night. We camped for the night and returned back the next morning to have more dosas, they are delicious, trust me! He was talking about pre – independence days and said I am too thin to be married.  He also said that these days people have appetite of ants and in those days they ate like kings. He was quite an animated person which you can make out from the photo above. We asked him to stand with his wife for a photo and they blushed and stood together.

When I pointed my camera in his face, this is the expression he gave.
He still does hardwork, cuts wood and carries it comfortably.

Meet Sukradeavara. He is over 60 but doesn’t at all act his age. He is a jumpy character full of life.