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Strangers # 07 & 08 – Naughty kids who played cricket with lemon.

The Strangers:

The Story:

The lemon hit the floor and bounced up. He hit it hard enough.

I am still staring at them. It is yellow for sure. Is it a tennis ball or is it a lemon?

It was a lemon.  The next kid hit it really hard. The lemon cracked and the end of the game. They were playing cricket. The ubiquitous game played almost everywhere in India using anything and everything as bat and ball. Now that the game was over, the kids found some time to stare the weird strangers who apparently came to look at the village.

Three of us were wandering around the village called Arekal Hosahalli. It was a Sunday and the kids were making good use of their school front yard. We asked if they’d like to be photographed and they started posing without a smile on their face, blatantly staring into the cameras. The frames weren’t that impressive and I gave up. But soon two more girls came and I went up to them asking if they’d like to be photographed. You’ll see them next. They obliged, meanwhile the rest of the kids came by and were more relaxed around us now.

The guy in the right, Tanush, I like his stare. There was sunlight falling on their faces and I liked it even better. I looked through the viewfinder and two things  happened simultaneously – I clicked and meanwhile Yashwant, the naughty kid on the left with a cute smile, leaned in towards Tanush. The photo was perfect! Happiness and cuteness – the two things that kids personify!

Meet Yashwant and  Tanush, the kids from Arekal Hosahalli, Hassan.
Yashwant has a cute dimple too.

They like cricket and their favorite cricketers are Dhoni and Sachin, no surprises there!


Stranger # 06 – The pretty lady from Kutch.

The Stranger:

The Story:

It was a riot!

A riot of colors, her attire I mean. She is about one of the prettiest mom’s I have ever seen. She was tall, shy and dainty. Her smile was striking and I decided she has to be one of the 100 strangers. Only problem being, Kutch does not see a lot of tourist crowd which means the people here can be quite apprehensive about strangers coming with huge black boxes and following them around to take a picture.

I was continuously grumbling “I want to take her photo, I want to take her photo”. Arti was pushing me to go and ask if I could, but like I said, I am not too comfortable asking strangers for photo. With great difficultly I managed to get the words out of my mouth – “Ek Photu?” “One Photo?” *accompanied by a stupid looking grin hoping she would fall for that*. What did I know I was about to get another smile in answer. She smiled and smiled but said nothing, not even a slight nod of her head implying she is okay about me taking the photo.

Royally confused, I went back sulking to sit next to Arti and sulk more. Meanwhile her husband came to show us around the place, I asked him if I could take her photo. Either she doesn’t seem to understand Hindi or she was too shy to say anything. But anyway the husband called her. And she truly is pretty as hell.

She was preparing tea for us and I didn’t want to start shooting with the camera in her face immediately, so I was taking photographs of another shy little girl whose name I forgot now. Once the tea was done I sat in front of her pointing my camera in her face considering I had an 50mm prime on. She wouldn’t look at the camera. She got very conscious and looked here, there and everywhere but not in my direction. She is the mother of three children. She also helps her mother in law  in making those brilliant mirror work and kutch handicrafts.

She is Bharma.

She lives in  Hodka, Bhuj, Great Rann of Kutch.